We have been working with RED DOT since 2009. It has been a journey full of successes and many projects! RED DOT and in particular Regina Duarte have been our great “WEAPON” that we use when we want to present a new project to the market. We have already had more than 4 successful projects over the years, including a group of pharmacies, pharmaceutical products distributors, restaurants, catering and even a wedding!! All projects achieved great success because RED DOT’s dedication and professionalism resulted in a UNIQUE and singular impact, reaching the right target audience, with the best message and proposal. Congratulations RED DOT for these 15 years! May they continue for many more 15 years helping companies like us! Good luck and may God guide you always.

Alice Amorim e Rui Vaz  | PICK UP LUGGAGE

The year was 2019 and I found myself, at a meeting of friends, enjoying an electronic brochure that they had just received when buying a pair of eyeglasses. That was my first contact with RED DOT’s work. The attention to detail and creativity in the packaging design made me curious enough to search for the name of the agency that had produced it. And that’s how I met Regina and Ana… We ended up not going forward with the idea of developing something similar, but the care with the customer in that first contact was of an excellence that led me to think of RED DOT for another project. 3 years later, RED DOT has become a trusted partner with whom we regularly collaborate on various projects we develop internationally. What makes RED DOT so special to me and Ceva? The passion they put into the project, making me feel that it is as special to them as it is to me; the attention to detail in everything they deliver; the creativity and sense of humor they put into everything they do and the constant friendliness of the entire team, in an agency that is clearly (and genuinely) customer focused. We haven’t collaborated for 15 years, but I’m sure we will continue to collaborate for the next 15. Congratulations RED DOT!

Carla Azevedo | CEVA

Competence, dedication and sensitivity. That, for me, sums up RED DOT. I am grateful to you for contributing to the good performance of my team, in a harmonious and pleasant environment, where efficiency is, therefore, empowerment and for challenging me to innovate, opening new horizons.


Brilliant creativity, that’s what occurs to me! And, after all, it’s not all invented yet and there are beautiful ideas being born every day. And of course, a lot of professionalism and competence… and dedication. Celebrating 15 years of company life is really, really good and looking around and seeing RED made things is even better!

Cláudia Magalhães Ferreira | ONE

It’s been 15 years, and in my case it’s been 6 years of relationship with RED, better saying, with Regina, Inês, and later with Ana. Unlike most agencies, which have names like RED, this is Regina, or I’ll call Inês, … and this is the most differentiating feature, discussing accessing quality creativity with the proximity and complicity we have with “family”. As more than 25 years of experience have taught me, in relationships with partners, we live moments in which it is not what we pay that justifies the presence/help, but the relationship of closeness and mutual trust that impels them to be with us at all times, especially in the most demanding ones, in which we need them the most… and for which there is “no price” set. That’s how I see Regina, Inês, Ana, … RED is very lucky! And ONE too!!

Filipe Rios | ONE

“There are no irreplaceables.”
An expression often used! BUT it is also true that people make companies. RED exudes its most fundamental values without the need to say them or write them in a manifesto. The works developed show for themselves:
Passion – the Client is treated as if the business belonged to RED. Creativity – is something that lives in the heart of those who work at RED.
Delivery – for RED there is no greater commitment than the one assumed with each Client.
Truth – you don’t do the will just because. If you don’t believe it, it is explained, points of view are exchanged and a meeting is reached.
Results – all projects always aim to achieve good results for the Clients. And they are often overcome.
Particularly in our case, RED proved to be very competent in helping and collaborating in the management of both communication and crisis in the restaurant sector, always looking for the best solutions. Congratulations RED! Much success…


Congratulations Red!
Since the beginning of our business journey in Portugal, RED has been an instrumental partner in our marketing mix activities. Red was always quick to assess our needs and goals and in accordance translated them skillfully into top notch, effective deliverables.
Happy to walk this path with you together and wish you many more successful years doing what you love and know, doing best from the bottom of your red heart. All the best!


Muitos parabéns à RED! Tem sido um prazer trabalhar com esta equipa. Sempre atenciosas e ao encontro das expectativas dos clientes. Reuniões alegres e produtivas, com resultados sempre criativos. Desejo as maiores felicidades e que celebrem múltiplos 15 anos!

Joana Costa | W2ME

Congratulations to RED! It has been a pleasure working with this team. Always attentive and meeting customer expectations. Happy and productive meetings, with creative results always. I wish you all the best and that you celebrate multiple 15 years!

Joana Rocha | SHAMIR

Long-time partners in transforming challenges into creative messages and formats. Year after year, Red Dot is a safe partner reinventing Dynargie’s image of the different exhibitions in which we have participated. They have an interesting pivot profile in turnkey projects: we even get the feeling that Red Dot does everything, but they are nothing but excellent in coordinating all the other partners involved. And when we need an idea for yesterday, we know Red Dot is there to help and… provoke us!

João Barbosa e Teresa Passos | DYNARGIE

R- Responsible and Resourceful
E- Educated and Experienced
D- Devoted
D- Determined
O- Omnificient
T- Trustworthy and Transforming
This is just a few words to describe the professionalism and the wisdom that I have experienced with RED DOT. My brand will always consider them family!


RED has a color of its own, a red people, a red life. RED brings new things, teases and delivers. RED was instrumental in our IN U project, helping to bring the entire UNILABS team together around a unifying concept. I can only love!

Miguel Picão | UNILABS

Hands on your head, looking into infinity… What to do? So much work and so important! Solutions are needed. And they were solutions that were found in the form of a very friendly, efficient and creative company! RED DOT!! This little RED DOT surprises and completes us. It suggests, makes, creates, seeks, discovers, … And knows how to listen! And it delivers a final result of excellence! I have had the pleasure of collaborating and working with many good and competent people, giving great value to my life and my work. RED DOT is undoubtedly one of those entities, both collectively and individually. I can only congratulate you.

Nuno Trêpa Leite | FIM TOURING

We have recently started this collaboration and we are at the table to learn to communicate about food and higher education. Still in the soup of letters but we thank you in advance for your posture and professionalism. We’ll arrive… to dessert. As in any meal, the most important is the company. We make votes to many more years and great jobs!

Pedro Graça | FCNAUP

Throughout all these years of working with RED, they have always been fully committed to meeting our expectations and always available to help us do better. Competent and very creative professionals who facilitate our communication and are always with us even when deadlines are demanding.

Susana Andrade | BLUEBIRD