We have long lost count of the exact number of catalogs, brochures and flyers we have designed … Small, large and giant formats, leaflets, unique cuts, differentiating textures and finishes. They are pages and pages communicating promotional or technical product content. But the most noble are the corporate ones, which force us to work with the unique language of each brand.


The general catalog of lenses of Shamir Optical Portugal is the most important piece of communication in terms of the brand’s presence in optical stores. The advanced technologies developed by the company, which is a world leader in progressive lenses and sport lenses design, was the basis of our inspiration to create futuristic images that reflect the spirit of constant innovation to recreate the perfect vision.


Bluebird presented us with two challenges: renewing the magazine’s design and creating an innovative concept for a photoshoot that highlighted the star products for Christmas sales. We looked for the most international Portuguese photographer, Frederico Martins, to realize our idea of capturing still life images of jewelry and watches, not in people, but in live wild animals. The association between the skin texture of animals and jewelry resulted in fearless images, rich in detail, color and irreverent spirit.

For the general mood of the magazine, we designed a more modern concept with minimalist text, giving preference to the expressiveness of the images.


For the photoshoot of this English brand, we created fashion moods with different stories to present more than 80 outfits in each season: from a visit to historic Porto with emblematic buildings in Rua das Flores, to an elusive stroll through Monsaraz streets in Alentejo or a visit of two sisters to an abandoned palace, but rich of childhood memories.


In an extremely competitive market, there is always a high creative demand to come up with original ways of presenting jewelry.

This time we were the ones who challenged Bluebird to bet on a bold and innovative concept in Portugal: exhibiting the jewels on naked bodies. Under the experienced lens of André Brito, we got original images, of a unique beauty, which exalt the jewels as if they were a work of art. Keeping the concept of art associated with the jewels, we adapted the collection of artistic photos entitled “Amarras” by Paulo Gaspar Ferreira and integrated the jewels in the drawing formed by the rope hitting the water. In a sustainable still life version, we also presented jewelry models on logs and natural stones.


The flags’ colors of the countries where the Ibersol Group operates were the inspiration for the graphic concept of the daily planner. Each piece represents the different brands of the group creating a colorful pattern puzzle.


Inotime is Shamir’s most innovative lens production service, guaranteeing the production and delivery of progressive or single-lens glasses with anti-reflective in about 3 hours. To communicate the service that was intended with a differentiating, modern and high-tech image, we worked on the price catalog with cold stamping in blue tones and images that refer to the global service implemented in several countries. This service was also communicated in different media, reinforcing the consistency of the image created.



M30 is the name of the first glue developed by the Koehler family and this is the one we chose for the company’s 60th anniversary celebration book. Composed of a biography of the founder and the history of the brand, this book lives mainly on images. It was the several forays into the factory and the discovery that the glue in production evolved into varied colors and textures, molding itself as works of art, which led us to invite Paulo Gaspar Ferreira to capture with his artistic eye the most beautiful shapes.

The fantastic result of the images captured deserved an art exhibition at one of the TedEx conferences in Alfândega do Porto.

In this project, an award for the 60 years in stainless steel and glass was also created, in partnership with two sculptors, recreating the number itself.



“I arrived in autumn, a time of abandonment and detachment, I continue my journey with understanding.” It was with these words that Mrs. Judite, a retired teacher, convinced us to page her genuine poems, written in a simple and captivating language, full of life.



As a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of medicines, Bial needs a constant update of its support material, namely manuals, literature and technical files. We have worked on a wide range of products which demand great accuracy in terms of presenting characteristics and graphs.