We speak our mind.
We don’t play games or politics.
We practice honesty and free will
while enjoying our creative ride.
Because we actually care.

We speak our mind.
We don’t play games or politics.
We practice honesty and free will,
while enjoying our creative ride.
Because we actually care.

Red culture is made of living stories and shared beliefs, such as ideas, feelings, disappointments and victories, or even simple things as cookies and cappuccino. In battle we protect each other’s backs. Redship (partnership and friendship) is our main asset and Red Dot is the place where we want to be. We are grown-ups with the creative mind of a child: working with people we enjoy working with and having a good time doing it. 

We believe that by caring deeply for people around us (family, friends, customers and partners), we can unleash our creative minds to achieve a greater good for companies and society. The art of collaboration allows us to gather different opinions and experiences in life that will enrichen our outcomes. Anticipate emerging needs and trends allows us to understand and deal effectively with continuous changes.

Unless we are doing copy for some work, we really don’t let words get in the way. We don’t have time to sell fancy speeches around. We know by heart and experience what it takes to build the beauty and efficiency of a brand, whether it is a big company or a small startup. We DO get the job done, by bringing it all together: listening and studying the customer needs, the market trends, using our best skills to make real good design, delivering on time. And we never stand still. We are always pushing us forward, out of our comfort zone.

WE DON’T JUST DO. We DO believe that life and work can be fun and meaningful, so we DO it in a way that may not always be taken for granted. We provoke change. We design to remove the limitations between people and communication in a way that empowers brands to accomplish their goals in a responsible way. But being Red is not only about design and communication. We are fully aware of the power we have to implement sustainability awareness, to create happier workers by improving their work space and materials, to go further and help those in need, to nurture relationships by doing different.

She is red by nature and default, totally red in love for what she does. She has a revolutionary spirit and plenty of energy to generate ideas constantly. She breathes creativity but drives everyone to despair with her obsession for perfection and the feline vision to review layouts. Her passion for nature is reflected in her professional life, where she faces the challenges with a hoe in hand: she fertilizes the land, sows seeds and controls irrigation, growing organic, biological, genuine projects that result in the most original plants in the garden.Sensitive like the flowers she grows, she easily gets irritated by incompetence or injustice, and while others look at things and ask “Why?”, she dreams of doing differently and says, “Why not?”.

CEO & Creative Director

#art #nature #travel #decor #fashion #cinema #sports

Inês, “the nice one”, captivates us with the mystery of her origin and personality divided between São Mamede (Inês) and Rio Tinto (Nanda). Sometimes docile and quiet in her corner, faithful follower of trends and fashion, in a “fashion-chic” style, other times an active tennis player, a true warrior when someone messes with her, in a “screw it” style -“ bibó porto carágo ”! She designs with an aesthetic sense, being RED with pride (even though the color makes her itchy, she disguises it well). It is undeniable, she has a Porto blue heart! She even convinced us that Red can also be blue. But what she doesn’t know is that we just made her believe that we were convinced because we don’t want her to stop bringing us the delicious chocolate brownies that only a real chef can bake!

Graphic Designer

#fashion #tennis #FCP #travel #food #cinema

Light. Camera. Action! She aims the lens and only stops when she thinks there’s nothing else to add. She is passionate about video and animation and is lively by nature. She has always a joke on the tip of the tongue. She takes from her superheroes the power to make us laugh… except in the early morning. We have to give her some space. She is pulled out of bed by force and needs time to wake up. Always glued to her special pens, she works the old-fashioned way, drawing the layouts on paper before transferring them onto the computer. She is the one who writes by hand when we want a perfect artistic letter. Enthusiastic and obstinate, her capability for work is bigger than her. We can say that “she is the size of what she does and not the size of her height.”

Multimedia Designer

#superheroes #photography #nature #cinema #yoga

“Oh Marisa, Marisa…!” She mumbles to herself as she lines up ideas to unlock a layout. She arrives every morning with her fresh look, a wide-open smile on her lips and lots of style. We’ve gotten used to whispered monologues because we know she needs to voice her thoughts to get organized. With a great sensitivity for art, Marisa values ​​a peaceful life, investing a good part of her free time in yoga and meditation. At her own pace, she dedicates herself to work and to the client, in a cheerful and motivated interaction, especially if the conversation is in Portuguese and the topic is not sad. When talking to Marisa, please remember you are not dealing with a logical person, but a sensitive one.

Design & Client Management

#painting #relax #meditation #fashion #family&friends

The monitor heats up, the keyboard does not work, the email does not update, the server is down, the program has an error and the file did not save, the UPS does not stop beeping and the Wi-Fi starts lagging … There is no code or cable that he is not able to bend and he has wireless magic powers that allow him to solve problems just by standing there (he looks at the machine, does not touch a thing, and everything starts to work again miraculously). In more serious cases, he simply applies the secret maxim: turn it off and then turn it back on!

Our 4-legged model is proud, sophisticated and very independent. She has been on magazine covers and does not give up on her beauty sleep as she stretches and curls up on the sofa. Lili is a cat, beautiful, with green eyes and furry, facing the cameras with the positions of a real diva. When she gives us the honor of her presence, wandering among secretaries, it is she who decides which lap to lay down on, which blanket or sweater to suck on and does not give up her habit of relieving herself in the vases. If she doesn’t like one of our designs, she attacks us with her sharp claws…

He illustrates superheroes for us, in the short time that Marvel allows him to. He is an accomplished illustrator, a militant perfectionist who does not limit himself to portraying reality; in each line he also places his vision and most of his essence. It gives pleasure to see the way he draws a bird or a portrait in detail, but we know that what he really enjoys doing is riding the wave of comic books, where he swims like a real Aquaman.

Our mascot is humble, but dreams big. He believes that, even being a small Dot, he can change consciences and inspire people! He travels for miles with a heart full of will and an open mind to learn and make people known. It collects textures, colors, smells, sounds, emotions and brings us interesting stories to tell. Our Dot was born positive, with an uncontrollable sense of humor and an endless imagination. It is a storyteller of experiences that he collects around the world.

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