We DO change. Because we DO care.

Change is part of our lives. But when it strikes us, it’s like taking a punch to the stomach. The word “normal” never made much sense to us, because we are part of a group of misfits that like to see the world upside down, to wake up at 3 in the morning to take notes of ideas and spend hours doodling in the company of a pen. However, we are starting to think that the abnormal is entirely normal. The normal today is going out with a mask on, greeting colleagues with a pat on the elbow, thinking twice before kissing a family member, avoiding get together with friends, daydreaming about the first dish we will be able to order at a restaurant. No one knows exactly what to do, but we keep on saying that everything is going to be okay. It is okay! It must suffice…

It will never suffice!! The truth is that almost everything is out of our control. And what we can’t control, we are better off avoiding, embracing the abnormality with positivism. We didn’t stop being RED, but in this world where life drags on in a black and white deadlock, we decide that we want to be more: 

We redefine the important points and renew the image of our DNA, setting it free from the cobwebs of time and painting it with other colors, just because!
Red is the blood that runs in our veins and connects the points of what we do with passion.
Blue is our safe Porto in an explosive mix of inspiration and focus.
Yellow is the color of our souls, cheerful and optimistic.
Pink, besides being stylish, is our affective and warm capability to care for another.

But don’t be fooled! We don’t care about what others think or say about us. We only care about what we do. And we DO.

Ines Dias

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