The brand bet on actress Sara Matos as ambassador and asked us to work on the various campaigns in order to communicate the freedom to change jewelry and watches in order to adapt to each style. In a campaign integrated in various media, we worked on commercials, shop windows, brochures, displays and billboards.


Specialist in sports lenses, Shamir innovated once again by developing geometries and technologies with specifications that improve the vision and consecutively the performance of professional or amateur sportsmen. Our creative concept for presenting this range of products was based on different sports images, with a design filter, and green and red fluorescent colors. Communication gained striking contours of irreverence and modernity that accompany the innovative character of the product.


A store’s window offers the possibility to create an impact by leading the consumer to enter and buy. Inside the store, in the windows and store images, it is important to maintain the visibility and notoriety of the product, creating an environment associated with the theme.


To announce to the press the innovative service launched by Shamir – the engraving of soccer teams’ logos on the lenses – we created and manually produced a box with a spring effect from which a mini soccer ball sprang. To promote the campaign, displays, brochures, advertisements and shop windows were also developed.


By Elsa Correia, Jesualdo Ferreira and Ricardo Carriço

Autograph III is a high-end progressive lens from Shamir. Since its launch the brand has invested in the universe of luxury items through the image of an executive in a private jet and the testimony of two renowned public figures. The various stages of promoting the lens covered different means of communication, from specific actions for opticians (launch event, mailings and press announcements), to large format visual communication for the final consumer.


Shamir asked us to develop a creative piece that would highlight these lenses in optics. We dressed two busts with sneaker laces and crossed ribbons to work as a display of glasses, representing the target audiences – sports and fashion. In the communication pieces, we worked with stamping for a distinct metallic effect and created mini comic books for online communication.


An advertisement assumes greater relevance in the written press when compared to the digital one, since the magazine gives the reader more time and space to consolidate the contents. It still is an important means of conveying the brand’s advertising message and is greatly enhanced when done in specialized press. Any product of corporate advertisement requires extreme care in terms of copyright and creativity so that the message can be conveyed in an objective but impactful way. We like to work on an advertising from the beginning, creating the concept and producing unpublished photographs through a dedicated photo session.


It is one of the oldest and most impactful media in the world. It has a quick reading and objective fixation by all the people that circulate in the area. Whether in large or simple billboards, roll ups or mobile walls and flags, we take care of communication so that you always have the best visibility and reach possible.


These progressive lenses, as the name implies, integrate artificial intelligence and adapt with great precision to the patient’s visual age. The image associated with this communication is based on a female profile on an urban, connected and cosmopolitan world, with high visual demands.