Uma série de quarentenas

Everything is strange! Work, the supermarket lines, socializing with friends, the online gym… As much as it may cost us, the social distancing is the key for this pandemic. But, between you and me, when everything gets back to normal, some people could well keep a distance of 2 meters (even without the virus)…

Did you think staying at home was the same as paradise? It know that you intended to read that book, do more exercise, renovate that chair and learn how to play the guitar….  But, after enduring the kid’s whine, cook and doing 5 laundry machines in a single day, any paradise turns in a leaving hell and you even miss the old office routine!

We “assaulted” the supermarket shelves for him. It is also him whom we look at in times of “affliction”.  Be it the newspaper, a letter, the supermarkert leaflet, a kid’s drawing sheet or toilet paper, it is in times like this we give it real importance.

“One hand washes the other”…and with both we finish the enemy! Each wash is like a stab in Covid. It is the perfect crime and, in this case, without trial or imprisonment, only water and soap – the perfect weapons for a “clean” execution.

Drag the right leg, then the left. Between dragging comes a grunt. We extend the arms and slowly reach the so desired door… of the refrigerator! When hunger strikes, we enter in zombie mode and the damage is complete. The victims are our pantries and refrigerators, which are decimated in this withering attacks!

The kitchen is now a mess hall. The living room a gymnasium. The bedroom is now the office. The balcony hold school hall C, where the Portuguese classes are held. During quarantine times, the spaces adapt and we only have to pray that the dog won’t bark, the kid won’t call us, and the neighbour won’t yell while we are in a conference call!

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