RED is the color of blood. In Europe and the United States it’s the color of passion. In Asia it’s the color of joy and good luck. In Africa, since 2006, it’s the color of hope.
Founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver, (RED) aims to raise funds to fight AIDS, a disease of the human immune system resulting from infection with the HIV virus. Although Covid-19 snatched the credit for attention to the number of deaths worldwide, only last June did it exceed the number of deaths from HIV, which rose to 6th place. (RED) creates partnerships with people, companies and the most iconic brands in the world, such as Apple, Danone, Beats, Durex, Primark, among others, that until now have contributed more than 650 million dollars in the sale of products and experiences (RED) for the Global Fund.

Images and products (RED)

These products are created in the image of (RED) and gain greater prominence, not only for what they symbolize in helping thousands of people, but also for the visual impact that the color and the word RED transmit.

And that’s why we also like to be RED (DOT). We work every day with the same spirit as (RED): giving life, injecting new blood that rejuvenates brands, institutions and, most importantly, people. We are faithful to our own RED color communication vocabulary: REDESIGN, REDEFINE, REDCREATE, REDISCOVER, REDCONNECT, REDFLECT, REDTHINK, REDNATURE, REDHEART, REDACTION, REDDREAM. We don’t hesitate when the challenge is to help (even in PRO BONO mode) organizations to innovate the way of communicating. In our veins there is a continuous desire to EVOLVE and REDVOLUTION!

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